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The Dow Chemical Company - Polyethylene Price Notification Effective May 1, 2016 US
LLDPE Resin increase #3 set for May
Will impact future stretch film costs

Effective May 1, 2016, The Dow Chemical Company (TDCC) will increase the selling price of all polyethylene resins in the United States by US$0.05/lb.  This announcement is in addition to all previously announced increases.

Products included in this price increase are as follows:
All other HDPE and LLDPE Resins (Read Dow Letter)

BULLISH SENTIMENT ON PE RESIN – ethylene monomer costs soar driving resin prices up

LLDPE stretch film increase (#2) announced. Set for May 2  (Sigma) (Berry) (AEP)

In response to this April 1st resin increase, all new orders received on or after May 2nd will be priced at a 5% increase. This increase is in addition to our previously announced increase implemented April 4th. Improving global and domestic demand, along with rising feedstock costs are currently supporting this increase.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer April 2016

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