Resin and Stretch Film Price Increase for April 2016

Resin makers announce another increase for April (ExxonMobil) (LyondellBasell) (Dow) (Westlake) (Chevron Phillips)

Stretch film makers announce price increase for April (Amtopp) (Sigma) (AEP) (Intertape)

EXXON adamant on LLDPE - Reported resolute on 5c/lb March price hike for all PE
Although may be amenable to 3c in March 2c in April
Stretch film prices to be hit in early April

DOW plans likewise – intends to hold firm with all LLDPE resins 5c/lb up in March

Expect increase announcements from all major US stretch film producers within days
(watch this space)

"The Polyethylene market has really changed these past several weeks, it has gone from sloppy, grossly oversupplied and in virtual freefall, to disciplined, tightly supplied and ever-firming price-wise."

"turnaround season has played its fair share in this changing environment as restricted production has sent Ethylene costs quickly soaring more than a dime."

"While the PE market has definitely bottomed and the ensuing upswing has begun, the March $.05/lb in-crease is far from a forgone conclusion."

PVC resin follows suit up 3c/lb this month
Trade Reports March 2016

How to play in a volatile stretch film arena
Forecast your needs for stretch film – Buy in 60 days supply at todays price in a firming LLDPE resin market.

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