Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

It’s important to know the different kinds of corrugated cardboard to find the right one for your use:
Single Face Board: Not as durable as the other types of sheets, but more affordable and good for an extra layer of protection in addition to other packaging.

Single Wall Board: This is the most common style of corrugated cardboard sheets and is when fluting becomes more specific:

C-flutes are very common due to their versatility. You can print onto them for branding purposes and it is strong enough for shipping most items.

B-flutes are slightly smaller than c-flutes and better for smaller products and shipments. Due to its small size, it’s much more adept at folding into shapes and can also be printed. Additionally, it can be cut into shapes for marketing purposes.

3. Double Wall Board: It’s less likely to break when stacked and better for heavier packages.

The cardboard can also be made into wraps which are the most flexible and great for projects, displays and protection. They’re extremely malleable but less likely to stand erect on their own as opposed to the single face boards.

Flexible Wrapping - Corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard sheets make for great wrapping material. With an interesting, industrial look you can use it for cushion wrapping as it also absorbs impact and protects, wrap it around cylindrical shapes, or protect cabinets and furniture.

Sturdy and Soft - The best known use for corrugated cardboard is cushioning as it resists compression and is an excellent low-cost item. Use these corrugated cardboard sheets to line boxes, separate items inside or pad them. They protect items if they shift in storage or hit a few bumps while moving.

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