20" x 5000' Super Cast Machine Film

HYBRiD Super Cast Machine Film

20" x 5000' - 40 rolls per pallet.

Designed to run on The Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine.

Half the film and twice the load holding force. HYBRiD Super Cast Machine Film is the answer for most application.

Designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive machine film for maximum unitization,

HYBRiD Super Cast's ultra thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing.

FREE Shipping on pallet orders (40 rolls)

Through the HYBRiD Plus manufacturing process, we reinforce the edges of the film so that, the roll completely unwinds, No more throwing away unusable rolls.


Your Price:$: $29.90/roll delivered on pallet orders.

Buy it here: www.quickpakinc.com


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