CDI (Chemical Data) is showing PE Resin prices up $.05/lb and PVC up $.04/lb.

The 7-month bear market in Polyethylene seems to have ended; the low end of the market has substantially cleaned up and the sharp spot discounts have been eliminated. Some buyers are wishing they had stocked up more when prices were near the bottom, but still recognize that PE is very affordable on a historical basis.

However, the tight spot market indicates that contract prices can begin to rise too. There are $.09/lb of Polyethylene price increases on the table for March and April. The current nickel increase, which seemed like a far-away dream when issued prior to these current market conditions developing, now
has a real chance of at least partial implementation.

It doesn’t stop there: producers have all nominated
another $.04/lb increase for April.

CDI (Chemical Data) is showing PE Resin prices up $.05/lb and PVC up $.04/lb.


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