NANO Layer Stretch Film


Quick Pak’s NANO-36 is a new technology of multi-layered stretch film consisting of 36 layers of film. 

This means we can reduce the thickness and more importantly retain a strong holding force on the wrapped pallet.

A superior stretch film from all others: higher yield, better elongation.  With 36 coextruded film layers and multilayered sole nanotechnology that results in a superior stretch film with excellent mechanical properties at low thickness.

The Benefits of NANO-36 stretch film are:

Stretches to higher levels - giving higher force to load

36 Nano layers for superior puncture resistance

Cheaper per wrap - thickness can be reduced giving savings up to 50%

Ultra-clear film allowing labels and bar codes to be read easily under the wrapped pallet

Green product - helps meets your obligation to reduce packaging waste.

Watch the video and buy here: