Free Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine with film order


FREE Revolution Robot Power Stretch Wrapper

Self-Propelled Pallet Wrapper
This Robot Self Propelled Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine is Free of charge with an order of 300 rolls.
Buy: 300 rolls of Perform XL High Performance Cast Machine Film
20: x 55ga x 5000'
50 rolls per pallet
6 pallets total @ $52.00/roll = $15,600 Total.
The Revolution Robot RPS Stretch Wrapper is Free to you.
This Revolution RPS is a self-propelled robotic pallet wrapper is able to wrap ANY load size, regardless of its weight.  Perfect for unstable loads where moving them unwrapped is a major issue.   
The Revolution RPS is able to wrap in multiple locations in a short amount of time with its ease of portability.  Powered by on board batteries (included with machine), you can get up to 300 loads wrapped on a single charge (depending on load size).
A safety front bumper will automatically bring the machine to a dead stop under ANY impact, making safety a top priority.  Among other safety features is an audible sound signaling the start of a wrap cycle and a flashing light indicating when the machine is in operation.
Robot Machine Specifications:
Soft Start and Stop
Automatic Home Position
Touch Screen Operator Interface
PLC Control for reliable performance and easy operation
Charging Power Source:  1P, AC220/110V, 50/60 HZ
Running Power:  DC 24 V
Battery:  120Ah
Loads per Charge:  200 - 300
Machine Moving Speed (adjustable):  300 feet / minute
Max pallet size:  Width and Length = ANY
Min pallet size:  Width and Length = 24” x 24"
Max wrapping height:  94.5”
Dual Power Pre Stretch Carriage: Adjust from 250 to 300 % Pre Stretch
Stretch Film Roll Size:  20” Wide with 10” Roll OD. 
SKU:FREE Revolution Robot RPS Pallet Wrapper
Your Price$15,600 total.

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