Blue Painter's Grade Masking Tape

Quick Pak’s own brand of painter’s masking tape.  We made this versatile multi-surface 5.3 mil thick blue masking tape to be your best choice for paint projects or other applications where you may want to have an easily removable tape that leaves no residue behind. 

Tape works well with all kinds of paints and stains to create clean lines with a quick and easy application.


The Sellatape Brand Painters Masking Tape #128-08 7-Day Pro is designed for clean removal from many delicate surfaces.

128-08 UV Resistant - 7 Days Blue Masking Tape is ideal for painted walls, trim, glass, woodwork, metal, and a wide variety of other applications. It has a 7-day clean release, making for easy cleanup and leaving no residue behind.

Using our Sellatape 7Day-Pro blue painter’s tape, you can ensure a professional and neat finish every time.

Buy the tape here:


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