May resin increase is UP 5 cents / lbs.

RADE NEWS – This just in
Respected resin market analyst reporting on May price settlements
LLDPE up 5c/lb,
PVC unchanged

PE and PS prices rise, while polypropylene slips
North American polyethylene resin prices awoke with a vengeance in May, increasing for the first time in eight months.
Trade News May 2015

LLDPE SALES UP "resin continued to change hands at a fervent pace; Polyethylene much more than Polypropylene, and prices for both materials were steady across the board."

PE INCREASE TO STICK "most or all of the current $.05/lb Polyethylene price increase is likely to be implemented in May, processors have been scooping up the spot PE material which remains competitive."

ACTIVE RESIN MARKET "The Polyethylene market remained active; however, prices stalled along their recent ascent."

LLDPE RESIN SALES STRONGER "Polyethylene sales were exceptionally strong during Mar/Apr,"

LLDPE SEASONAL USAGE UP "While some of the elevated domestic purchases likely went to meet increased seasonal usage, much of the aggressive demand is deemed to have replenished (film makers) processors’ inventories."

LLDPE ORDERS RUSH "Film makers in general enjoyed the $.16/lb decrease since November and with a $.05/lb increase looming for May, the risk/reward was simply too compelling and the orders rushed in."

PE INCREASE TO STICK II "As a result of the buying frenzies, resin producers moved so much Polyethylene that any burdensome inventories that had developed during 7 consecutive months of builds were quickly eliminated. Consequently, the spot market has moved higher in support of the price increase and it seems that most or all of it will take hold."
Trade Reports May 2015


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