FREE Revolution TT Strapping Machine

FREE Revolution TT Strapping Machine
The 3/8" x 250 Lbs x 12900' white embossed machine grade polypropylene strap on 8" x 8" core is made for use with table top strapping machines. Embossed poly strapping highly split resistant and straps quickly.  
PAC Strapping part Number: 38M.25.2212
Embossed 250 lbs. Brake Strength .021 Thick
This Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping works great in tabletop, semi-automatic strapping machine applications.
*Strapping is embossed for reduced splitting, greater flexibility and better seal joint efficiency in heat seal machines.
Revolution TT Strapping Machine
A low cost solution to your strapping needs. The Revolution TT is designed for general purpose semi-automatic strapping.
Although it is our lowest priced strapping machine, the low cost does not come at the expense of quality, consistency or reliability.  Each Revolution TT comes with the Quick Pak’s 90 day strapping machine warranty, including online support for the life of the machine. We carry an extensive list of parts in inventory.
Easy access to inside of machine for maintenance and cleaning.  The Revolution TT has a convenient operator’s panel and internally controlled tension. In addition, all electronics are controlled with an integrated circuit control board to minimize down time and maintenance.
The Revolution TT is the only table top strapping machine with leg height adjustment from (30” to 35”). 110 volt power supply, four locking casters, easy to load coils of strap and heavy duty steel frame.
Dimensions: 36.4”L x 23”D x 30”H (adjustable table height 30" to 35.6")
Package Size: Minimum: 2.4"
Maximum: Unlimited
Weight: 190 lbs.
Tension Range: 30 – 110 lbs.
Speed: 2.0 seconds per cycle
Strap Size: 1/4” – 5/8”
Core Size: 8"x 8" Core I.D
Power: 110V
90 Day Warranty on non-wear parts.
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