1575 Custom Printed tape Handles from Quick Pak Inc

Custom Printed 1575 tape handles are made of a 50 micron high performance polypropylene packaging tape that is coated with a rubber adhesive system.

10 Lbs Carry Weight
This biaxally oriented polypropylene offers excellent resistance to edge tear and splitting due to impact shock. Features / Benefits: This product features a high performance, durable plastic adhesive handle requiring no heat, moisture or solvent activation, which creates a convenient handle when ends are attached to both sides of a box or package. The handle portion is white or colored paper, and is available with stock or custom printed. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box, it offers customer convenience, allowing them to carry more items and for quick movement through checkout lines. These tape handles store easily at checkout counter, allow for source reduction, and offer in-store security. Applications: For use in carrying boxes and bulky products up to 10 lbs. On 1” wide handles and 15 lbs. on 1-3/8” wide handles. This includes sporting goods, shoe boxes, small appliances, toys, hardware items, pillows, comforters, lawn and garden items).

25 Handles per Pad.
120 Pads Per Case.
3,000 Handles Per Case.
SKU:1575ACP Custom Printed Tape Handle: 1" x 17" x 3"


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