Wrapping a very light pallet with the Revolution ST Wrapper

Wrapping an unstable and very light pallet with Revolution ST and HYBRiD Plus Film.

Here is the info on this project:

4 Lbs per case
8 cases per layer
7 layers per pallet
56 cases total
Total weight with wood skid = 265 Lbs approx.

We did not stagger the layers on this test or use interleaving sheets.  Wanted the pallet as unstable as possible for the test.  We set the Revolution ST to wrap two wraps on the bottom and two wraps on the top with a 50% over lap on the way up and on the way down.

We used our HYBRiD80 Plus Converted Machine film on this pallet.  We set the machine speed at 70%.

Result: wrapped the pallet perfect and with a lot of holding power without crushing the cases.  The tension on the film was set low, with our converted machine film high tension is not required to produce a well wrapped and tight pallet.

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