LLDPE, PVC pricing developments

NEWSWIRE SNIPPET: Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pricing developments.

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LLDPE TRENDS DOWN "Polyethylene resin decreased a total of $.16/lb over the past four months and some prognosticators are calling for another decline in March; however, resin producers are also looking to stop the 
slide and a couple have even nominated a price increase."

STRATEGY - Working with falling prices - Quick Pak's message to customers. Buy film only as needed for immediate shipping.

PE PROSPECTS THIS MONTH "PE prices were down a nickel in Feb and could be flat in March or perhaps shed a bit more"

MARKET DYNAMICS I "April Natural Gas continued under pressure before recovering the losses to end the week at $2.839/mmBtu,"

MARKET DYNAMICS II "The Ethylene market saw moderate trading activity while prices were soft."

LLDPE BUYERS AGGRESSIVE "Polyethylene trading began March with a bang, demand was good and buyers were a little more aggressive than sellers."

LLDPE TRADES BUSY "resin market was busy the first week of March and a high volume of material changed hands."

RESIN FLATTENS "prices for major resin grades were flat."

RESIN PRICING ANALYST SENDS MIXED MESSAGE "At this point, it seems the resin market could very well hold steady this month, although peeling off a few more cents is certainly possible" More...


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