Resin and Stretch Film Pricing March 2015

March Resin Pricing
Respected resin pricing analyst projects
PVC resin up $.03/lb
PE - Flat, No Change
Trade Reports March 2015

"Processors (read film makers) are seeking another contract price decrease in March to add to the $.16/lb relief seen over the past 4 months; resin producers would like to see contracts roll flat."

Spot PE prices, down by over 20¢/lb, are very close to bottoming out. Domestic PE contract prices will need drop of at least another 7¢/lb at today’s feedstock prices. There are no supply issues, with spot PE trading very active and offerings abundant. Most processors are buying as needed in anticipation of lower prices ahead.
Trade Reports March 2015

However, PVC suppliers announced two 3¢/lb price hikes for February and March, which one analyst refers to as “a defensive move” in order to stem any further price erosion. Implementation of an increase this month remains an open question. There is a lot of optimism for some real growth this year in PVC demand.
Trade Reports March 2015