Roll Handling of Shrink Film Made Easy

The Quick Rollrunner MH series of mobile roll handling cart is one great product.  

We delivered a custom modified model to one of our customers here in Florida.  

They were loading a 250 Lbs rolls of shrink film,   48” high by hand on to the Douglas shrink wrapper.   This took a few people and was generally a slow and painful process.  The risk of product damage and employee back injury was very high.

Now it is a one person task with the custom Rollrunner from Quick Pak Inc. 

The Quick Rollrunners have heavy duty casters to move loads smoothly and easily from point A to point B. We offer both manual and electric versions.  The unit is constructed entirely of steel and it has just a few moving parts, so it will really provide years of safe, dependable service.
The Quick Rollrunner is available in three models, the 400, 800, and 1500, the numbers corresponding to the weights they are capable of supporting. "The MH 400 series has a lift capacity of 400 pounds and is capable of lifting roll products up to heights of 39", 48" and 63" effortlessly with our push button electric lift option. 

With quick-change attachments, the versatile MH 400 can be transformed to carry roll product with a Roller Core Boom, Swivel Cradle or Two Point Lift and our newest design a Self-Aligning Ejector Core Boom."

The Quick Rollrunner lifts can be modified to meet your specific specifications.

Call us @ 813 242 6995 or email us: for more information.


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