HYBRiD80 Plus – #1 Pre-stretched Film Brand – why?

HYBRiD80 Plus – #1 Converted Film Brand – why?

• Impressive film consumption reduction.
• Easy to wrap – less user energy required.
• Health and safety benefits for operators, lightweight rolls.
• Optimization of film memory - superior load containment.
• Consistent film stretch performance.
• Superior film clarity.
• Blend properties offer excellent puncture resistance.
• Minimal film necking.
• Suitable for cold wrapping environments.
• Core – stronger thinner hand roll core with improved “green” credentials.
• High tack three layer film – superior load containment properties.
• Advanced 3 layer film technology – incorporating new stronger metallocene polymer layer.
• Multi gauge film option – to fit application & ensure pallet load stability.
• Significant cost savings to wrap a pallet.
• Coreless bulk pack film option – no core / no box / no waste, allowing us to offer an even greener product.

• Folded edge technology – double thickness edge creating superior roping effect.

More info here: https://quickpakinc.com


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