Stretch Film - Non Resin price Increase.

We have seen cost increases in areas such as utilities, packaging, freight, labor, healthcare and other raw materials that have not previously been accounted for in film price increases. In response to these non-resin related cost increases, we will increase pricing by 4% on all new orders received on or after June 2nd, 2014. Orders placed before June 2nd, 2014 will be limited to one month of your normal purchase levels.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer May 2014

"Resin trading continued to run at a rapid rate; there was a strong flow of orders coming form both buyers and sellers,"

"The Polyethylene market saw brisk trading for the third straight week"

"courageous companies began to shave their prices to generate demand and turn over their aged inventory.The strategy was very effective as spectacular sales over the past several weeks greatly reduced uncommitted warehouse stocks"

"LLDPE buyers beware. We caution against buying in too much at higher levels."

"May resin trading results have been excellent thus far; April volumes were already exceeded mid-month, although margins have been squeezed. Resellers and exporters have been aggressively cutting deals to liquidate old Polyethylene inventory and make room for opportune purchases that could arise"

"LLDPE asking prices floated higher this past week."

"So here’s to a strong 2nd half of May - and hoping that higher spot PE prices will not turn off this recent spate of buying."
Packaging Sources May 2014

PVC - Non-resin related price increase announced. Continued rising price pressure on freight, energy, healthcare, and other non-resin related costs over the past year. (AEP)


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