Revolution Pallet Stretch Wrapper Improves Productivity.

If you're looking for ways to improve productivity, a Revolution stretch wrapper can make a big difference.

Here are three ways how it can improve your company's productivity with the Revolution Wrapper.

Shipping damages are a big source of loss and waste for manufacturers and retailers. 1/2% of all shipped products are damaged in transit because they weren't stretch wrapped properly. That's a $7 billion hit to the economy, as well as a waste of time and energy to fix.

For example:

When pallets fall apart in a truck, you use up labor and resources to carefully unload and clean the mess.
If products are refused by the receiver and sent back because of damage, it takes additional manufacturing time — with all cost and no profit — to refill the order, which puts other (paid) production on hold.

Proper stretch wrapping prevents tipping, breakage, and pallet loads from splitting apart. Loads arrive undamaged, nothing is rejected, no one needs to clean up a mess, and the production staff isn't working to refill orders for free.

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