Revolution HD Pallet Wrapper in Action

Revolution HD Pallet Wrapper From Quick Pak Inc is a Heavy Duty and High Speed unit designed to wrap your pallets faster and will do it year after year.

Standard on the machine:

- turntable speed is 15RPM
- max load weight is 4400 lbs.
- controls are all easy to use heavy duty push buttons, switches and counters.
- has solid steel base.
- has solid steel tower.
- has a 12mm thick rubber coating on prestretch rollers
-uses non contact turntable home and position proximity sensors.
- uses higher quality components such as hardware, photo eye, limit switches.
- has a higher quality of craftsmanship to include cuts, welds, drilling and paint.

More info on this is available from:

Mike Cunningham
Quick Pak Inc
4007 North 56th Street Tampa, FL 33610

Tel: 813 242 6995
FAX: 813 242 6985


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