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Polyethylene business better

LLDPE talk of a fresh increase is just that "PE flat again in December; there is not a conforming industry wide price increase for January, but a number of producers nominated a fresh $.04/lb for February."

DYNAMICS I "The US energy markets were lower in active and volatile trading."

DYNAMICS II "The Ethylene market, the vast majority of industry crackers are fully operational and continue to enjoy huge margins."

DYNAMICS III Natural gas prices surged and demand reached an all-time high today as the coldest weather in decades descended upon much of the United States. Prices for one contract in New York reached $99 per million British thermal units earlier -- up from a normal winter price that usually hovers in the high teens or low $20s.

PE Market set to pop in Q1 "Polyethylene trading activity was subdued"

Steady as she goes "With minimal resin trading opportunities available, Polyethylene prices were steady across the board."

Rolling flat with PE resin "January contracts will most likely just roll flat again. Several producers just issued a fresh $.04/lb increase for February."

Euro area PE trends up "European prices swinging higher"

Unusually busy month reported "December was a very strong month for resin trading"

LLDPE look for the QI resin bounce "The past several years saw a first quarter spike in PE prices and with that in mind, buyers in December generally procured some additional resin as practical."

Stretch Film producers set to pay up "Resin in the reseller market is pretty snug, so those processors caught short of resin for January should expect to pay up for fresh supply."

Packaging Sources January 2014

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U.S. PVC prices set to rise in 2014 on higher ethylene prices, export demand U.S. prices for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are set to rise by five cents per pound in the first two months of 2014. This is a significant price increase in a market that will see producers end the year with a net five-cent increase in their 2013 margins, according to Reports.

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Analysts do not see PE contract resin prices dropping, noting that PE processors (film producers) have been able to pass along this year’s resin price hikes to their end-use customers, and resin suppliers are quite cognizant of that. Processors will buy as needed through this month, regardless of any end-of-year price-increase announcements. Expect an increase (PE) to emerge in the first quarter of 2014.


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