Free Stretch Wrapper and Film

Revolution ST Wrapper (FREE with 200 rolls of film)

HYBRiD Plus Machine Wrap.
19” x 6000’
40 rolls per pallet

Your Cost: $49.00/roll

FREE machine with 200 roll order.
Ramp - $325/EA
Freight not included.
$250 crating charge.
*offer good while stock lasts - $4,990 value.
        Revolution Power Stretch Wrapper (FREE Pallet of Stretch Film)
HYBRiD Machine Wrap
20” x 75ga x 5000’
40 rolls per pallet
Your Cost: $5,990/machine

Free pallet of film.
Ramp option - $325/EA
Freight not included.
$250 crating charge
225% power pre-stretch
*offer good on 6 machines. $1,880 value.


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