Wide Web Stretch Film from quick pak inc

Wide Web Pallet Stretch Wrap

The term “wide web” refers to pallet stretch film larger than 20 inches wide. Many companies choose to use wide web stretch wrap for a variety of reasons. Some are wrapping large objects that require a tall pallet loads. The wide web stretch film enables users to wrap tall pallets with less revolutions and time. This helps to save on both energy costs and film costs.

Other users wrap average sized products and pallet loads with the wide stretch wrap rolls to save on film costs and energy costs. Even though the pallet loads are average sizes, the wide stretch wrap rolls enable the less revolutions and time. A 40 inch machine stretch roll requires half of the revolutions and time to wrap a pallet load compared to a 20″ stretch wrap roll.

All of our wide web stretch rolls are in stock and can ship same or next day. Ordering full skids of wide rolls are the best option to save on freight costs. One and two roll orders can be expensive because of freight costs. The rolls are extremely heavy and there is and additional shipping charge due to the size and shape of the roll.

All skid orders of wide stretch rolls are paid freight so the user gets a cheaper film cost as well as free freight. Below is a list of the different wide web stretch rolls we offer and how many rolls per skid.

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30″ Stretch Roll 20 Rls. Per Skid
40″ Stretch Roll 16 Rls. Per Skid
50″ Stretch Roll 16 Rls. Per Skid
60″ Stretch Roll 16 Rls. Per Skid
70″ Stretch Roll 16 Rls. Per Skid
80″ Stretch Roll 16 Rls. Per Skid

All listed widths are offered in 80 gauge widths. We also sell a less expensive HYBRiD80 gauge equivalent stretch wrap up to 70 inches wide. Those are all stocked items, we can also produce special orders. Call us today!


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