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Due to continued tightness in feedstocks and improving global and domestic market demand, our resin suppliers have informed us of their intentions to implement a resin increase effective September 1st. In addition to this September increase, some suppliers have also announced another increase effective October 1st which we will monitor and address at a later date.

In response to the September 1st resin increase, all new orders received on or after September 30th will be priced at a 7% increase. Read Letter (Sigma) (Amtopp) (AEP) (Western Plastics) (Paragon) (IPG) (Berry)
U.S. Stretch Film Producers September 2013

"Polyethylene prices renewed their trek higher fueled by additional production issues."

"best chance to implement an increase in months. A nickel is nominated for each September and October."

"October Natural Gas futures climbed 4%"

"Logistical challenges have continued to keep Ethylene out of the downstream PE producer's hands."

"data suggests that August was one of the strongest months of the year in terms of sales as processors restock."

"Snug supply and solid demand increase the likelihood for some portion of the September increase to be implemented."

"resin markets picked up as we moved further into September."

"tightening supply prompted resin buyers to procure what they could at last month's pricing giving some validity to the September $.05/lb increase."
Packaging Sources September 2013


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