Coreless Stretch Film

Why Coreless Stretch Film?

Advantages of Coreless

The main advantages of HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless Film innovation to the end user can be summarized as:

• Reduced weight of the product when hand wrapping

• Reduced weight and volume of the product for shipping

• Reduced environmental costs due to removal of cores

• Reduced storage space due to smaller product and packaging

• No loss of performance

• Reduced storage costs, no need to store cores

• Reduce transport costs.

• Standard rolls can be used in many formats.

HYBRiD Plus Coreless rolls will replace the current consumable products already in the market place. This in itself should be a good thing as HYBRiD Plus Coreless has significant environmental advantages in not using cardboard or plastic cores and so removing the costs and environmental problems of waste disposal

The new HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless process – which cuts out the need for a cardboard core in the centre of every roll of film – will be a major success and will soon become commonplace.


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