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A quick update on the status of our pre-stretched products as we enter the fall season. Our busiest time of the year for this product category.

Important note regarding the upcoming price increase. Lead times on pre-stretch have moved out to 5 weeks for stock and 6 weeks for custom. Per our September 9th p...rice increase letter, ... all orders must call for immediate delivery and ship no later than October 31, 2013. As such, our order cut-off for pre-stretch will be end of business tomorrow, September 19th. Please plan accordingly and submit all orders for pre-stretch as soon as possible.
US Pre Stretched film producer September 2013

We are entering the busiest time of the year and we have seen an uptick in order rate which has caused lead times to push out by 1-2 weeks depending on the product type. I strongly suggest you review your inventory position and place orders (especially pre-stretched products) sooner rather than later. Expect film producers to implement order allocation on pre-stretched in the coming days / weeks end. Current lead time is 1 week for stock cast and blown film and 3 weeks for custom. Lead time for pre-stretched products is now 4 weeks for standards and 5 weeks for custom. The time is now to get your inventory levels built up and plan for higher pricing and an extra week or two on lead times.
U.S. Stretch film producer September 2013

We all know that 3rd & 4th quarters are extremely high demand months for this product. I would strongly recommend getting your customers to order this product ASAP because know one wants to deal with 8-10 week lead times, so why not take care of your customers early

Pre-stretched products are in high demand in the fall and lead times will go out regardless of our new capacity. Combine this with a price increase and order rates go through the roof and lead times come under assault.


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