stretch film and pe pricing


LLDPE "After a subdued period, the resin markets awoke"

PE Resin news "Polyethylene prices popped early in the week and held the higher level."

LLDPE Resin Makers "Producers are taking another shot at implementing their $.04/lb price increase"

Stretch Pricing "flat again last month so the entire $.04/lb increase is still on the table"

Resin in the US "A couple of crackers remain offline for maintenance."

PE trade reports "It took a little time to get going, but the spot resin markets are now zipping along again. We saw buyers more aggressive than sellers"

LLDPE Resin "buyers more aggressive than sellers"

Resin forecast "It is still early in the summer, but fair warning – hurricane season is underway."

Packaging Sources July 2013


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