HYBRiD Plus 3 Corless Stretch Wrap

HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless Stretch Film




We have developed a unique system that reduces cost and waste by winding stretch film rolls without a cardboard core. This unique and innovative technology removes the core.

How do you Reduce waste? STOP it from coming into your business in the first place.

Every pallet you use of HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless – your company will remove this volume:

192 cores - 48 corrugated boxes – 4 corner protectors – 4 rolls of packaging tape

-Complete elimination of cores removes the costs of disposal.

-Very light rolls for fast and easy wrapping.

-Highest load holding force, ensures better load protection in transit.

-Reduction in film weight can exceed 50%.

-Reinforced roll edges for a better and faster pallet wrapping.

The lightness of the roll and the absence of any core make this film a MUST to use.

”QuickFix Dispenser®” = no ”burning hands” anymore.


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