Sigma Stretch Film


We are a couple months into our order management program with pre-stretch and have made significant progress in improving service levels with our highly popular pre-stretch product line. Lead times at our Kentucky facility have improved from 10 to 12 weeks for standard products to 8 weeks as of mid March. Corporately, we will continue to increase our capacity throughout 2013 and just finished adding capacity at a number of Sigma plants during Q1 2013. We have more capacity coming on line the balance of the year, to include added capacity in our Shelbyville, KY plant later this summer / early fall. Although this added capacity will help reduce lead times, the continued demand for this product remains and we need to stay flexible and improve the overall program based on customer needs.

To recap, each of you have a monthly HPE / HPS allotment based on your average pounds purchased per month during calendar year 2012. You can order up to that amount each month. All allotted pounds not ordered are given back and applied to reduce our back-log. You start over with your allotment each month ... a 'use it or lose it' program. In that respect, effective immediately I will implement the following program:

- All orders for HPE / HPS must be ordered by the 25th of each month.

- All HPE / HPS pounds not ordered by that date will be available to other customers who could use additional product that month.

- Customers who desire additional product will be able to do so on or around the 27th of each month. This will give us time to enter all orders and run a current order status report.

Please contact your customer care representative for your current order status allotment for April, if desired. Many of you already order your monthly allocation the first part of the month which continues to be a good idea. For those of you ordering weekly or bi-weekly, please be aware of the new cut-off date and where you stand against your monthly allotment so there are no surprises. I am confident this new program will allow us to be more flexible in supporting your business and new opportunities as we move forward. Customer Care and myself will have an updated report around the 27th of each month if you are interested in purchasing any uncommitted HPE / HPS pounds in the pool. This is a first come, first served program. Orders can be placed beginning on the 27th of month based on availability. Please contact myself or your customer care representative to verify availability before placing an order. If the 27th falls on a weekend (as it does in April), the following Monday will be the first day you can order product. We will monitor the effectiveness of this program and make changes or adjustments as needed. Thank you for your continued support and business. Please email or call me with any questions.


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