Sigma stretch film lead times.

SIGMA STRETCH FILM...We have updated our lead times out of the Kentucky facility and we have seen significant improvement in all areas. With respect to the pre-stretch program, much of this is due to the managed program we implemented back in January.

Blown 1 week standard. 2 weeks custom

Cast 2 weeks standard. 3 weeks custom

Pre-stretch 7 weeks standard. 8 weeks custom

Pricing is flat this month with talk of lower pricing coming later this spring. Although, there is never any guarantees of what direction pricing will take short term, the fact the resin manufacturers were not able to push through their previously announced increase, is a good sign. We do not expect prices to drop quickly, rather move lower slowly over the next few months, which is good news for all stocking distributors. In the meantime, if you have any specific product ordering needs, please don't hesitate to call me to discuss.

Thanks for your continued business and support. Remember, if you need additional pre-stretch products (above and beyond your monthly allocation), please contact Gayla before the end of the month to secure any non-committed pounds from this months allocation. Last nights report shows a little over 50 pallets are still available. First come, first served.





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