Stretch film pricing today 8.28.2012

The order rate in advance of this (August) price increase is extremely heavy and further increases could be coming. Lead times have extended out on most items and are now as follows: Please plan accordingly, especially with pre-stretched hand film. Thanks for your continued business and support. Blown hand/machine film: 2 weeks Cast hand/machine film: 6 weeks Pre-stretched hand film: 6 weeks

U.S. Stretch Film Producer August 2012

We are going up $.05 on all products, except prestretched where we are going up $.06. This matches what others are doing. Expect further increases as likely and the resulting impact on lead times. Stay tuned.

U.S. Stretch Film Producer August 2012

Polyethylene prices are packing on pennies, 1-2 more of them this past week. All grades are considered tight. With Ethylene prices sprinting higher and Tropical Storm Isaac impacting the Gulf, there is no surprise that producers are standing firm on the 5c/lb August increase.

Trade Analyst August 2012

August 2012 CDI report. CDI is estimating a $.03 increase on LLDPE . Please keep in mind that there is only one resin supplier that is officially at up $.03 to the market while the others are still seeking up $.05. Will advise further developments as they happen.

US Stretch Film Producer August 2012

August proving to be another strong demand month; domestic resin sales in July, saw processor restocking, orders were more than 10% above the last 12 month average.

Trade Reports August 2012

Polyethylene prices moving higher. Overall material availability remains constrained; producer's inventories are down, limiting supplies. The low flow of offerings witnessed the past couple of weeks is typical considering the first of two $.05/lb price increases on the table.

Trade Reports August 2012

Due to rising feedstock costs, low inventories, and improving global and domestic market demand, our resin suppliers have informed us of their intentions to implement a previously announced resin increase effective August 1st. In addition to this August increase, our suppliers have also announced another increase of $.03 to $.05 for September 1st, which we will monitor and address at a later date. In addition to this latest resin increase we have absorbed rising costs in freight, additives, packaging, labor, utilities, insurance, etc. that now we must pass on.

U.S. Stretch Film Producer August 2012


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