Packaging to look out for this summer

Specifically useful in temperatures that range up to 149 degrees, we have a tape suited to your specific requirements and fingers crossed this summer we will be experiencing some cooler temperatures, or maybe you are sending products to colder parts of the world, then be sure to feel confident selecting from Quick Pak’s range of tape. Our tapes are available in standard 110 yards length rolls and in specific ranges they come in extra-long 220 yards rolls and can accommodate a wide variety of sealing requirements, such as cartons, boxes, bags and packages, providing a secure seal for items in storage and in transit.

Our recently introduced bottle boxes.  Whether you are a small or large business that transports wine, these boxes are perfect for you. Available to carry either 6 or 12 bottles, these boxes for bottles are the simplest way to store and transport particularly larger numbers of wine bottles. Our one-piece wine boxes with integrated dividers are ideal for wine retailers, home brew enthusiasts or caterers.

Ventilated stretch film is particularly useful for allowing airflow to circulate around wrapped product to avoid condensation on the inside. Whether the requirement is for general purpose use or specific applications we will have a pallet wrap product to fulfil your requirements. As one of our more specialist films in the range, it is tailored to a variety of specific industries.

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