Custom Slit Stretch Film Solutions

We know your packaging or shipping needs are complex, and understand that more often than not, you need more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer custom slit stretch film solution for virtually any product, piece of equipment or project.

By customizing your stretch film, you can work with what you want, and avoid wasting money on excess materials you will not use. Our custom converting allows for faster delivery of non-standard sizes in smaller quantities.

We can customize you stretch film to any specification to help you properly protect, secure, repair, or assemble your products. Our slitters can cut stretch film to practically any width.

In the picture we have just produced a 5” wide stretch film jumbo rolls that will be used to wrap coils of wire on a Highlight Revolver Coil Wrapper.

We offer custom slit stretch in cast or blown films, clear, tinted or opaque in color.  Can be supplied with VCI inhibitor, static dissipative or UVI.  Film can be wound on 1” / 1.5” / 2” and 3” ID cores depending on the application. 

Call us at 813 242 6995 to discuss your application. 


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