Sigma First To Send out Price Increase Letter for Feb Price Hike.

Sigma Stretch Film

February 1, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

Our resin suppliers have a resin increase set to take effect February 1st and current market dynamics indicate that this increase will take hold. Strong domestic and global demand, continued supply disruptions, and higher energy pricing all support this February resin increase.

Sigma also continues to experience significant elevated costs in freight, packaging, labor, additives, and other costs that go into supplying our customers their finished product.
In response to these increases, Sigma Stretch Film will implement an increase of 5% effective with all new orders placed on or after February 26, 2018.

All orders must call for immediate delivery. Based on current lead-times and resin availability, Sigma Stretch Film can only accept a limited number of new orders. Sigma Stretch Film reserves the right to accept or decline all orders for any reason.

Sigma strives to communicate these increases with adequate lead-time and when they are likely to be implemented. Sigma will adjust our position should this resin increase be modified or unsuccessful.

Your Sigma Stretch Film Sales Professional will be in contact with you to answer any of your questions and advise you of changing market conditions.

Bill Lenchinsky
Executive Vice President


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