Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film

Our wide selection of pallet wrap, stretch film and other wrapping supplies gives you a no-quibble solution to any shipping movement. Whether you are transporting a single pallet or a complete container load, your choice of stretch wrap can have a huge impact on the secure and safe delivery of goods.

Hand & Machine Stretch Wrap Solutions

As a leading supplier of premier packaging supplies at unbeatable price points, we are specialists in pallet stretch wrap. We stock several pallet stretch wrap solutions, including flush core hand pallet wrap, extended core hand pallet wrap, machine pallet wrap, pre-stretch pallet wrap, custom logo printed stretch wrap, banding stretch film, polythene pallet top covers, black pallet wrap, and ventilated machine and hand stretch wrap.

In addition to this, our friendly and reliable team supply dispensers and wrapping machines designed and built to the highest standards for maximum efficiency when packing and optimum protection during transit.

Quick Pak Inc – Your Pallet Wrap Partner

With low prices, fast and free standard delivery, a comprehensive collection of printed, clear, blue and black pallet wrap products, a selection of dispensing equipment, and great discounts on bulk orders, strapping single pallets and larger consignments is easy.

Our dedicated team are experts in stretch pallet wrap, and can advise you throughout your customer journey and beyond to ensure you choose a pallet wrap product that works for you and complements any existing automatic machinery you have in place in-house. For businesses with a machinery system, we ensure high volume operations courtesy of our wide range of machine stretch wrap. You can select your desired thickness and specifications to guarantee uniform wrapping, a high level of security and the very best protection, even in cooler conditions.

The right wrap for your application

Finding the right pallet wrap or stretch film for your application and wider business needs is vital, and with our vast range of products, the shopping experience can at first appear a little daunting. Understanding the benefits of each however is a great place to begin.

Standard pallet wrap is perhaps our most popular film product. Known for its strength and security, this versatile product can be applied by hand or with a handheld dispenser. Extended core pallet wrap goes one step further thanks to its cardboard core. Alongside our machine and 3” wide mini stretch wrap, at Quick Pak Inc we stock specialist films like ventilated stretch wrap, designed to prevent condensation build up; black pallet wrap, an opaque product that promotes enhanced security; and custom printed stretch film, which can be applied by hand, machine or narrow width rolls.

Need further guidance regarding which stretch pallet wrap is right for you? Contact our team direct and discover the full advantages of every stretch film and pallet wrap type we offer.

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