Squid Ink CoPilot 256 Hi-Resolution Printing System

The CoPilot 256 ink jet printer is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on either porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.8” of total print height and the ability to print on both sides of the substrate in a single pass, the CoPilot 256 is designed to work as an integral part of your day-to-day packaging operation.

Increased Application Versatility

The system is capable of running oil-based or solvent-based inks to print up to 2.8” (1.4” from a single head) of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 185 dpi. For non-porous applications, users have the option of using Squid Ink’s solvent-based inks for printing on a variety of products like coated cartons, plastics, glass, shrink wrap, metals and more. Squid Ink’s PZ-1000 ink for porous substrates offers low-maintenance performance, eliminating the need for auto-priming functions and offering better ink utilization than competitive systems.

User-Friendly System

CoPilot 256’s 4.3” full color touchscreen provides access to the system’s internal messages and print functions. Messages are created and edited on Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion™ PC Software and transferred via Ethernet or USB device. For larger applications, a virtually unlimited number of CoPilot 256 printing systems can be connected via Ethernet and controlled through one central Orion™ print station.


CoPilot 256 uses proven Xaar piezo technology resulting in razor-sharp print
Available in either oil-based for porous applications or solvent-based for non-porous applications
Print up to 1.4″ of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 185 dpi from a single print head
CoPilot 256’s 4.3″ full color touchscreen provides access to the system’s internal messages and print functions
Compatible with Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion™ message creation PC software


Print Technology – Piezo impulse printhead technology
Maximum Print Height – 1.4” per printhead, 2.8” total
Vertical Print Resolution – 185 dpi capable of printing razor-sharp graphics, small character text, and scannable bar codes
Horizontal Print Resolution – 205 dpi
Print Speed – Up to 135 feet/min. (41 m/min.) @ 205 dpi
Time & Date – Internal real time clock with battery back-up
Product Sensor – External diffuse beam photocell standard
Communication Interface – One USB host and one Ethernet input
Touchscreen – 4.3” (10.9 cm) full color touchscreen display
Ink Cartridge Volume – 500ml cartridge or bag
Low Ink Indicator – Message alert on touchscreen, LED light beacon optional
Substrate Capabilities – Porous or Non-Porous surfaces
Electrical Requirements – 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Environment – 34°F – 104°F (1° – 40°C)
Agency Certifications – CE, TUV, FCC


Time & Date – Full time and date functionality including expiration date and Julian Dates.
Item Numbering – Sixteen counters, one of which can be a daily counter and production counter
Shift Codes – Four programmable shift codes with automatic rollover
Bar Codes – All standard bar codes including 2D
Fonts – Arial, Arial Bold, Arial International, Arial Monospaced, Courier, Tahoma Bold and Lucida resident fonts for use in variable data elements. Static elements in any Windows® font
Logos – Most image files supported with Orion Graphical Interface Software
Printing Features – Reverse, invert, rotate, repeat. Print on/off button
Message Length – Up to 180”
Number of Messages – 4GB storage space will store approximately 1000+ messages
Ink Usage – Shown in Orion™ PC Software
User Data Prompts – Prompts for user input at start of print job by manual input on touchscreen
Bluetooth Connectivity – For connectivity with Bluetooth keyboards
Wireless Connectivity – For wireless connection between PC or tablet and printer controller
Database Capability – Ethernet communication protocol for external communication
Languages – English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian


Encoder – For operation with variable speed conveyors
Bar Code Laser Scanner – Allows scan and print message retrieval
External Light Beacon – Indicates low ink levels
Wireless USB Device and Router – For wireless connectivity
Windows Tablet – Pre-loaded with Orion software; includes mounting bracket with swivel arm, USB to ethernet cable and stylus
Conveyor Mounting Bracket – Provides stable mount to conveyor or other material handling equipment
Floorstand – Includes mounting brackets and legs with leveling feet; 59” (1.5m) total height
Pigmented Ink Agitation System – Allows for printing of pigmented inks
Starter Kit – Includes ink, cleaner and flush solution, printhead wipes, hand cleaner and latex gloves.

Pricing and all models available here:  https://quickpakinc.com/squid-hi-resolution?subcategory=349


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