PE Shrink Bundling Film for Wrapping Flat Pizza Boxes in Bundles

We supply CLING-Tite plastic shrink wrap film for packaging pizza boxes, trays of bottles, cans and unitizing. Heat shrink wrap is often referred to as heat shrink plastic, shrink bundling film, poly shrink pack and case wrap. We offer several application–specific shrink films such as perforated shrink wrap / vented shrink wrap and “film over film”.

Vented Shrink Film

Both our industrial shrink wrap and clear printable shrink wrap films adapt to practically any heat shrink tunnel, shrink wrap machine or shrink wrapper to achieve a tight “bullseye” closure.

We use virgin resins and extrude them under the same conditions for you every time. The result is boring, consistent performance so you don’t have to constantly adjust heat shrink tunnel settings. To make a heat shrink package fit you have to predict the shrink ratios in both the machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD). Too much or too little shrink in the transverse direction results in a sloppy “bullseye” on the side of the case.

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