PE Shrink Bundling Film Used for Wrapping Flat Bundles of Pizza Boxes

Cling-Tite Polyethylene shrink bundling film is a heavy duty bundling film used for heavy duty packaging applications. All shrink bundling film rolls are single wound. This means they are wound flat onto the core.

Cling-Tite Shrink bundling film can be used on semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink bundlers.

Cling-Tite was designed to wrap flat bundles of pre-printed corrugated pizza boxes.
All films are made from FDA grade virgin resins.  All rolls are individually wrapped, stacked horizontal on cradles and packed 9 rolls per pallet.

50" x .00125 x 5600' SWS CLEAR PE Shrink Film

Pin Perf vented: 3" x 3" pin-perf,
3" ID core
10.77" Max roll OD
142.33 Lbs per roll
9 rolls per pallet stacked horizontally on cradles
Pallet Weight: 1,280 lbs approx.

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