PE Resins Up $.03/lb in March

THIS JUST IN: Resin increase revision confirmed.

The “CDI Mid-Cycle Update” was released to inform the market of the “final” LDPE, LLDPE resin prices that are being posted for March). While CDI originally had an estimate for PE resin prices that were flat or unchanged in March, a majority of PE resin buyers and sellers are now indicating the market has implemented a 3 cent per pound price increase.
Trade Reports April 2017
In other news it is being reported that PVC (FOODFILM) is up 2 cents/LB.
Business News March 2017

PVC Film Increase 2017
Film increase 7% effective April 28, 2017 (Pactiv) (Western Plastics)

LLDPE Today - Stretch film producers revise March hike
Split original increase percentage
Second half of increase to take effect in April

Read letters (Sigma) (Inteplast) (IPG) (Berry - AEP) (Western Plastics)

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