Wholesale Club Re-Wrapping Opened Products with Shrink Film

Case Study: Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club Packaging Solution required for re-wrapping packs

Quick Pak Inc were approached by a wholesale club chain that needed to re-wrap some of their packs where the original packaging had become damaged in one form or another.
Our range of shrink wrapping film was ideal for this client who needed a fast solution to repair the packaging of their items.

We recommended our midsize hood shrink wrapping unit from our range of packaging machines. This packaging machinery solution provided the size and packaging flexibility that they required to be able to repair their packaging in house.

Sytec MVP shrink film was recommended to offer the appropriate seal strength and puncture resistance needed to deal with relatively heavy packs that would normally be wrapped in polythene rather than polyolefin shrink wrap. This kind of shrink plastic is tough and resistant, making it perfect for use as a protective layer for your protects to protect the packaging in transport or shipping.

The wholesale club re-wrapping solution which Quick Pak Inc provided with our range of packaging machines and shrink films has proved to be particularly successful.

More information here: www.quickpakinc.com


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