Shrink Packaging Application

Case Study: Shrink packaging application for a large seafood processor.

The first requirement was to wrap products where meat had been removed from the shell and then repacked.  The second requirement was to shrink wrap meat on its own in a tray.

Seafood Packaging Machinery Solution

We recommended that this food processing company use our semi-automatic combined L- sealer and shrink tunnel together with Sytec MVP shrink film. This combination of wrapping machinery and shrink plastic provided the company with a cost-effective solution to all of their packaging needs.

The semi-automatic packaging machine and shrink tunnel allowed the company to ensure their packaging was acceptable before it was mass-produced, cutting down waste and ensuring a consistent standard was upheld with all their packaging.

Sytec MVP shrink Film is ideal for packaging meat and produce products as it is extremely tough and puncture resistant – a feature that makes it very attractive to companies selling fresh products such as meat or fish – and also has very good optics, allowing the product to be displayed effectively.

The result was a high level of output with exceptional quality packs, reflecting the inherent quality of the products themselves.

More information available from:  PH: 813 242 6995


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