Roping Stretch Film Will Increase Load Holding Power

Roping pre-stretched film provides an economical and efficient method to wrap organic products without limiting load stability.

Stretch wrapping of pallets has become standard practice across many industries, including the shipment of food products to grocery retailers. Secure pallet load unitizing is most often achieved by stretch wrapping a pallet load in pre-stretched film, providing not only unit strength but also protection from the elements during transportation.

Whenever a forklift is inserted to the base of pallet, you might run the risk of tearing the stretch film. A small tear at the base of the pallet has the potential to spread throughout the entire load. Thus, in order to try to minimize this risk, it may be wise to create a film rope. Using a film rope to secure your load provides an efficient method for wrapping your products without restricting the load’s stability. Film roping is the twisting of stretch film to increase its film strength. It increases the overall strength of the stretch film, which can lead to fewer film breaks and an increase in productivity.

Film roping is the perfect solution for fruits, vegetables, organic products, and specialized industries that need to be able to breathe in order to avoid spoiling. Film roping provides open airflow through the load as the spaces between the film rotations allow for ventilation through the pallet. Film roping can also be used in conjunction with regular stretch wrapping to provide greater holding power for unusually heavy loads such as bricks. The rope serves as a strong belt for greater protection and load stability.

The film roping technique works by taking standard machine film rolls and roping the film to create a thinner, yet strong band. The way film roping can be applied also increases its effectiveness with heavier product loads. Roping can be applied to a product pallet in the standard, circular motion of standard stretch wrapping, or specifically positions for need-based applications. For example, an “X” pattern, creates additional downward pressure on the pallet load to better secure the cases to the pallet.

Additionally, there are different ways to rope depending on the load and height. Quick Pak Inc can help you decide what film technique you should use, and the tools to achieve it.


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