Hand Wrapping an Over Sized Pallet with Stretch Pallet Wrap

How to wrap an over sized pallet with stretch film and the products used.  In this video we were wrapping the Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapper in the shipping crate.

The size of the pallet is: 120" long x 70" wide x 42" high and the weight is 1650 Lbs.

The product we used to do this are all available from Quick Pak Inc and they are:

Cover-ALL 60" x 60" Clear Pallet Top Sheets.

Cover-ALL Heavy Duty Metal Roll Dispenser.

NWD Pallet Stretch Wrap Dispenser.

17" x 1500' HYBRiD80 Plus Stretch Hand Wrap.

3" x 2.0 x 110yd Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape

Heavy Duty 3" W Hand Tape Dispenser.

More information and to buy these items:

Quick Pak Inc
PH: 813 242 6995



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