Printed Packaging and Shipping Tape

Printed tape is perfect for highlighting company names, company logos, or products from the time a package leaves your facility until it reaches the consumer.

Printed tapes can instantly identify cartons requiring special handling or storage. Messages aid the consumer and safeguard merchandise during transit.

Some printed shipping tape cannot be broken or released without detection. Evidence of tampering alerts the consignee to reject merchandise with a broken seal. Pilfer-proof and Red Alert tapes are you first line of defense against tampering.  Printed shipping tapes have several advantages that can increase your visibility, advertise and most importantly increase your profits.

Benefits of Using Printed Packing Tape:

The main reason businesses commonly used printed adhesive tape, is in order to market their product. 

The fact is that it makes your label more visible, and for people in the packaging business, it should 
be a large part of the marketing plan. It will add much more value to your packages, and efficiency as well.

Not only can you use it for marketing purposes, you will also be able to use it to convey special messages that you may need. Often you will be sending and packaging fragile items. In this case to protect them and ensure they are handled with more care you can get the word fragile written onto your tape. This will ensure the product is delivered to your customer safely. This style of custom printed packing tape can really help your business.

Another specific use of this tape is for barriers. These are usually used in public places and are used to keep people out of certain areas for various reasons. If you are a company that works outside, then this type of barrier tape can really help get your company label out there and promote you while you are working. It is important to show which business is doing the work. If this is important to your business then you should definitely think about this to enhance your business efficiency.

Implementing and Choosing Printed Tape For Your Business:

The great news is that there are many different styles you can choose from, and most companies will be really helpful in making it very specific to your brand. You can do it easily by choosing clear, tan, red, blue, green, orange, yellow or white tape, and you can usually have one or two colors printed on it in order to get your message across.

You will also have a choice of what type of tape you get your message printed on. You will have a choice between PVC, water activated reinforced, freezer and polypropylene tapes.


ADVERTISES: Printed tape spotlights your company, product or logo from the time the carton leaves your plant until it reaches the consumer.

IDENTIFIES: Printed tape instantly identifies the contents of the carton for proper handling and storage.

REDUCES PILFERAGE: Printed tape cannot be broken and resealed without detection and warns the consignee not to accept merchandise with a broken seal.

CARRIES SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Printed tape can carry a special "Warning", "Fragile", "Glass", "Handle with Care", "Open This End", etc. message to aid the consumer and help safeguard the merchandise during transit.

REDUCES CARTON COST: No need to carry large inventories of various printed cartons of the same size. Buy plain cartons and use different printed tapes for identification.

AIDS IN TRACING LOST SHIPMENTS: Printed tape makes the cartons easier to find and identify.

CREATES GOOD WILL: Customers know you have done everything possible to protect the merchandise and identify the product. This creates a favorable impression and builds confidence in your company and product.

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