Clear Packaging Tape - Buy One Get One Free!

DEAL of the Month on packaging Tape!

Buy one Case of this tape and get a second case free of charge.

Minimum order is 50 cases and free shipping.
2" x 1.8 mil x 110yd, 36 rolls per case, Clear Tape @ $48/case
2" x 2.0 mil x 110yd, 36 rolls per case, Clear Tape @ $51/case
Clear Acrylic tape will perform in a wide range of temperatures (32 degrees - 120 degrees), Bander tape crystal clear to not interfere with exterior markings and labels, and instantly bonds to corrugated boxes and surfaces.
Water based acrylic carton sealing tape is made with a special high-shear adhesive, developed specifically to meet our rigorous specifications.  Higher shear values mean greater holding power on boxes.
Offer good while supplies last.

PH: 813 242 6995


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