Stretch Wrap Recycling

Why Recycle Stretch Wrap?

Stretch wrap is one of the largest components of a DC’s (distribution Center) waste stream. Those that do not recycle stretch wrap must pay to have it hauled away with the rest of the trash and disposed. A large DC can generate thousands of pounds of stretch wrap per year — and that carries weight on the bottom line.

Recycling stretch wrap offers an attractive alternative to disposal. There are ready markets for clean material and many firms are especially interested in working with businesses. Also, stretch wrap is relatively easy to identify and recover. It arrives at the dock in a fairly clean, uncontaminated state. If kept that way, it has real market value. In fact, pound for pound, stretch wrap may be the most valuable scrap material a DC can recover.

Stretch wrap is most commonly made of linear low density polyethylene, or LLDPE. Most of us know it as the material that secures pallets of individual containers. Pallet stretch wrap is used by product manufacturers and distributors to bind shipping cartons to pallets going to a warehouse/distribution center (W/DC). It is also used at the W/DC to wrap pallets sent to customers.

Baling the Stretch Wrap

To lower the costs of storage and transportation, stretch wrap should be baled.  Fortunately, a special baler is available that requires no power or hook-up.   The Revolution Plastic baler is specifically designed for stretch wrap will yield denser bales and lower transportation costs.


Your employees hold the key to the success of your stretch wrap recycling program.
Make sure they understand the importance of their contribution.
• Emphasize their role in helping your company achieve important environmental goals.
• Underscore that tape and paper labels are serious contaminants and must be removed.
• Discourage the use of recycling containers as trash receptacles — especially among those employees not directly involved in the recycling program.
• Recognize that ongoing employee education and motivation will be essential to long-term success.

More information on plastic recycling and the Revolution Plastic Baler is available from Quick Pak Inc.


The Revolution Plastic Baler is a small hand operated baler for plastic wrap and bags.

With a footprint of only 23" x 28" this machine produces bales of up to 75 Lbs of plastic film.

The machine is suitable for Offices, Farms, Factories, Warehouses and distribution centers.

Needing no power source the machine can be used anywhere and is ideal where space is limited or ceiling height is low.

Revolution Plastic Baler Specifications:

Dimensions (W x D x H): 23” x 28” x 47” (71” open)
Bale Size: 17” x 14” x 26”
Bale Weight: up to 75 Lbs
Number of Straps: 2
Weight: 110 Lbs
Extras: Wheel set and Axles.

Your Price: $1,490


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