Felwrapper F-240 PVC Laundry Wrapper

Our Felwrapper Console F-240 PVC wrapper is used for large volume laundry processing and wrapping.  The F-240 PVC wrapper is used to package large stacks of cleaned laundry, sheets, towels and various medical clothing with PVC Laundry Wrap and PVC Cling Film. 

We offer a variety of easy-to-operate and versatile laundry wrappers for all applications. Save time and money by utilizing a one-step wrap and seal operation using cost effective PVC stretch wrap and PVC cling film.  Ideal for independent family laundries as well as large commercial and industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and linen supply companies.
Felwrapper F-240 Deluxe Wheeled Console Wrapping Station
Exclusive "Quick Change" film selector
Holds two rolls of wrap up to 40" wide
Half the size of table top and competitor models
Warm rod film cut off and variable heat seal plate

F-240 Specifications:
42.25”w x 26.5”d x 33.5”h
12"x 30" seal plate
Unit Weight 150 Lbs / Shipping Weight 190 Lbs
110v-120v, 12 amp, 1300 watt
220v conversion kit available.
Your Price:$

List Price: $2,250.00


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