Stretch Film Pricing News

PE BUSIER - "resin market was surprisingly busy this past week"

RESIN MOVES "Prices for both Polyethylene and Polypropylene were decisively lower, even before the world energy markets got rocked"

PRUDENT I "buyers have generally been limiting their orders, opting to work off current stocks in favor of cheaper prices ahead."
PRUDENT II - Western Plastics message to distribution. Buy only as needed for immediate shipping/billing (think drop ships).

LLDPE RELIEF "Resin processors (film makers) received pricing relief in November;"

RESIN DROPS "PE dropped $.03/lb. There is a strong likelihood of further declines in December."

A GRIND "Ethylene market grinded lower in moderate trading."

ON PAR WITH U.S. "With world crude oil costs collapsing, European and Asian Ethylene costs are now essentially on par with the US"

SHARP DROP "The Polyethylene market was very busy and prices fell sharply"


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