Stretch Film Prices Falling in December 2015

LLDPE - CATCH A FALLING KNIFE ‘’Although prices are falling, cheaper resin will be offered, processors still need material to run and the lead time for delivery requires ongoing purchases.’’

HYPERACTIVE LLDPE "resin markets continued their streak of hyperactivity; the flow of fresh railcars has been rapid and falling prices are encouraging processors to procure material.

RESIN DECLINES ‘’PE contracts decreased $.03/lb in Nov and should see a decline of $.04-.05/lb this month; barring an unforeseen event, they will likely find further pressure in the first quarter."

BUY WISELY "While processors are clearly enjoying the cheaper resin prices, they are still wisely buying material as needed and to assure the continuity of supply during the sometimes challenging last week of Dec and first couple weeks of the New Year."

COSTS FALLING "The major energy markets continued to collapse in historic fashion." "Ethylene prices continued to unravel;"


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