Stretch Film Pricing News

LLDPE RESIN TRADES BUSIER "resin trading continued to trade at a rapid clip"

LLDPE SET TO ROLL FLAT "October PE contracts will roll flat, maintaining the $.03/lb increase garnered in September."

US ENERGY IN THE RED "The major US energy markets were pummeled and all ended deep in the red."

E DOWN "Ethylene prices are set to slide each month for the foreseeable future"

GOOD COMPLAINT "Polyethylene trading was very good"

INCREASES TABLED "There are a couple price increases currently on the table, but it is likely that for most grades, we have already seen the highest Polyethylene prices of the year."

CRYSTAL BALL - PE forecast "cannot yet predict when a drop might begin, but it feels that we are now at historically high prices."

"Product manufacturers may start to shift away from polyethylene because of high prices, according to two major plastics processors."

“We don’t know what the maximum [PE price] is, but we clearly recognize that in North America we are probably approaching that point.”


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