Stretch film Pricing for October 2014


LLDPE Resin – Plastic industry analysts are reporting PE resin pricing flat for October (no change). 
Trade Reporter October 2014
Dow Chemical earned 72 cents per share for the third quarter, 4 cents above estimates, with revenue above consensus as well. Dow was helped by higher sales in plastics and performance materials.
Business News October 2014

"Polyethylene shed $.01/lb in slow and nervous trading. PE demand fell silent as sharply lower energy and feedstock prices had buyers sensing lower resin prices ahead. There was a modest increase in resin availability this past week; LDPE and LLDPE film grades have become easier to source. However, Polyethylene reactor issues have kept overall resin supplies fairly tight"

"resin trading practically screeched to a halt; massive volatility in world equity and energy prices created uncertainty in the resin markets and sent buyers to the sidelines."


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